Our Story

Personally, I like the idea of 3D Projection because it’s so convenient to turn on and off an object you want to see and, even, touch. One day I was thinking that “Wouldn’t it be awesome if tourists or foreigners can touch and absorb Thai identity , culture and uniqueness through the use of 3D Projection?”. After that day, I started my little invention with my artist buddy by creating a “pop-up paper craft”. We decided that Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the most well-known symbol and also the best representative of Thailand. Even though pop-up is widely-spread, the problem is that there’s never been a human-shaped pop-up model in the world yet. The first challenge is how to make the absolutely-perfect human-shaped paper model. We studied the popular models from Japan and tried our best to figure out the mechanism that will enable the model to be folded and poped up. After a year, we finally invented the first human-shaped paper model with the portable and easily-foldable functions.

Natthanan Jane.