We have been awarded for the IP Champion Award 2016 granted by Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government.

We have been awarded for the Good Design Award 2015(G-Mark) by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Government of Japan. G-Mark Award is one of the most honorable prize for international design.

G-Mark Award:

We are the winner of Design Excellence Award 2015 (DEmark Award) by Institute of Design and Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government.

DEmark Award:


Amazing Muay Thai. Amazing Innovation

1. World's latest pop-up innovation

  • The world's first perfect human-shaped pop-up paper model
  • The newest innovation of paper engineering with advanced mechanism inside the model that creates portable and easily-foldable functions

2. Thai cultural ambassador

  • Promote Muay Thai or Thai boxing, one of the precious culture of Thailand, in a beautiful, creative and non-violence perspective
  • Provide the interesting information about the history of Muay Thai and the fun knowledge about each postures, available in 3 different languages; English, Japanese and Chinese

3. Lightweight

  • 100% made of paper

4. Handmade product

  • Beautifully hand crafted

5. Giving opportunity to the minority

  • We share a part of revenue and give some part of the work to the refugee(asylum seeker) from the religion-related civil war. They are protected under the shelter of UNHCR and Caritas Bangkok

Amazing Muay Thai Collection


Our Collection

  • This collection composes of 4 famous Muay Thai postures
    • ­Chorake Fahd Hang "Crocodile sweeps its tail" (kick strike)
    • Hanuman Tayarn "Hanuman, god-king of the apes, charges its knee upward" (knee strike)
    • Hirun Muan Pandin "Hirun, a demon character in Ramakien, twists the land " (elbow strike)
    • Muay Thai Guard
  • The aim of this product is to share the beauty of Muay Thai and Thai culture in a beautiful and creative way, with no violence show

The card contains

  • Interesting Muay Thai history
  • Each posture’s information
  • Instruction the steps needed for such posture
  • The information is given in 3 languages; English, Chinese and Japanese.

Comparing Benefits

Size of the model

Size of the cards

i. 41.5*18 cm (Chorake Fahd Hang and Hanuman Tayarn)

ii. 40.5*18 cm (Hirun Muan Pandin and Muay Thai Guard)


From a pop-up card to a premium Muay Thai statue

Our product is designed to be not only pop-up card but also a premium Muay Thai statue. Only 3 easy steps are required;

1.Open the card

2.Adjust your Muay Thai post

Adjust the model according to the infographic instruction to get a better understanding of each post’s physiology and history and better absorb the beauty of Muay Thai

3.Detach the base of the model along the dash line

The base of the boxer model is detachable. You can detach the model out of the card after pop it up and it will become a lightweight Muay Thai boxer statue. Now you can have a beautiful and creative Muay Thai statue at home!


We give opportunity to the minority

  • We give some part of the work to the refugee(asylum seeker) from the religion-related civil war. They are protected under the shelter of UNHCR and Caritas Bangkok
  • We aim to help them with sufficient income to survive. But most importantly, we aim to give them hope and encourage them not to give up under this difficult time of life